Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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I have traveled around the world looking for teachers, sat in great councils, and experienced many things. This opportunity has been without question the most TRANSFORMATIONAL personal work I have yet experienced. Our journey has been the epicenter of my growth this year. I feel resurrected. I came to the Path wounded, in physical pain, and depression. The safety you provided, and the witnessing of my sisters helped me remember that….. I am the Priestess, the Goddess, I am welcomed into this world and that I am of great value. I learned through the container that you provided a way to look at myself from many sides. You provided a way like no other an opportunity to learn about myself, my sisters and all women. You helped save my life ALisa. Your courage and determination has given me great strength. I have been a Priestess for many lifetimes, feeling her presence, and knowing her ways. But not until now have I REMEMBERED her, felt her inside and mirrored on the outside, in the beauty and transformation of all the women. A great change has occurred within me. I believe all women should have this Sacred Opportunity, to know themselves and experience The Great Mysteries hidden from them for so long. Women, the Goddess is arising within us, we can join hands and move the world into that empty space long ago created by our absence. The power to recreate is within each of us. ALisa has shown us the way. I have seen miracles occurring here for all the women. The miracle of LOVE and FAITH……… As a teacher, minister, and therapist, I am forever grateful for this blessing, and I will carry the knowledge to all women.

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