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Daughters of the Earth Registration

9th Annual Daughters of the Earth Gathering
New information 2016


June 24-26, 2016

We are gathering from Friday at 1pm
through Sunday at 4:30pm.

Women can arrive by 11am to set up.

It is time for the women to gather on the land for council, celebration and pure fortitude for the times we live in. There are many beloved teachers, artists, drummers and ceremonialists joining us. Primarily the gathering takes place on the earth, and oh how her beauty awaits…
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Registration fees includes vegetarian meals, tenting (you provide), and experiences over the weekend. A limited number of bunks in the lodge are available for Friday and Saturday night at an additional cost – first come, first served. Our first meal is dinner on Friday at 6pm.
To register please select from the following options:

In order to know food amounts, we appreciate your registration by June 18th, 2016. Answers to many questions are found online. If you have additional questions about registration please email

Young Children

DOE again is envisioned to be an adult women’s leadership intensive with a teen program. We do not encourage women to bring young children as there is no childcare or programming and liabilities are greater risks. If you do, mothers are responsible for the care of their young. The space is emotionally charged, sometimes loud, and we want you to read all the material to be sure it is right for your family. Thank you for considering this fully before registering your children. Choose from the following options:
Child 5 to 10 years or Child under 5 years

Daughters of Earth Sisterhood Team

The gathering is not a festival but rather a time for women leaders to gather, to council, to be in ceremony and to network. With five active temples and a young women’s portion, off the grid with solar power energy requires some work and dedication to the vision. Each woman will be expected to do a chore in service to the whole. As well as that we have a sisterhood team made up of fully registered women who simply believe in what we are doing as well as women who have energy and loyalty to this vision who want welcome also a discounted rate. We have found that it does not work well for DOE to give out workstudy slots because we simply register women wanting to be here for less. Rather it works for women who want to join DOE sisterhood because they believe in what we are doing and love to be part of the service that makes it happen. This year we seek twenty women to come on Thursday to help set up. We also will form the Rainbow, Fire, Water, Earth, Air teams overseen by leaders who help with making the magic happen. If you are sincerely committed to being on our team, write us at

Confirmation Email

You will receive a confirmation email after you register that includes instructions for what to bring and directions. Later in June we will also send you a file with some orientation as well as some agreements we make in our container for safety.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation occurs before June 13th we will refund all but a $35 adminstrative fee and whatever Paypal or credit card fees incurred.

If cancellation occurs after June 13th- onwards regrettably no refunds will be made. No exceptions are made to the non-refundable fee and is non-tranferable to other events. If you register but do not show up at DOE there is no refund made or moving your fees to other programs. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with our cancellation policies. Please make a good choice for you as to what you want to do. You could risk not registering until we are closer to the event but we do usually have a waitlist.