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Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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Direct Mentoring Program


Arrow in Her Bow;
Initiating the Next Step of Your Life’s Promise in 2019

A Private Six Month Direct Mentoring Program
with Twelve Committed Women


What are your sights? We are called now to balance many aspects of our lives from self-care to meaningful work to visions that are part of building new culture as wisewomen connected to the earth. How do we stay steady? How do we trust our choices and inner strength? In this private Mastermind group with twelve women we are going to prioritize your personal mission in 2019.

Is it a program you want to develop?

A book you want to write?

A vision you want to work on?

A core issue that you want to address in an focused way?

There is a deep calling within women to rise from within past the clutches of doubts and the shadow of fears. Our seismic movement from experiencing transformational work actually opens our inner sanctum and assists to ground our knowing with what too often feels intangible. With over three decades of empowerment work with women, ALisa Starkweather will lead you down into your psyche where your own life’s promise is beckoning you to step up into your large self now while not abandoning the parts of you that often feel small too.  Honor, respect and compassion are key to what lies ahead. Is it time for you to arise and throw the weights of old stories that no longer serve you aside? This is an invitation for women to continue to own the power of their love. Accepting applications for interviews. This is a course where a woman invests in herself and her future.

Three Weekend Retreats in Massachusetts in November, January, March. Program begins in November 2019.

Private Coaching with ALisa

In addition Twelve Group Support and Mentoring Calls with your projects.



Please send me an application to be accepted for private mentoring with ALisa in this exclusive program.