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Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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Moving Ourselves to a New Story to Live From ~ January 8-10, 2016

Now is the time to take your next courageous steps to show up as the deeply committed woman you are. And to reveal your whole self, even the parts that are hidden. You’ve been waiting a long time for this moment.

A Rare Solo Weekend Retreat for Women with ALisa Starkweather

This retreat was inspired into vision from my course,

Answering the Call; Birthing Your Fierce Feminine Life

Location is a beautiful retreat center in Leyden, Massachusetts

Angel’s Rest Conference Center

Open to thirty women

2016 is our homecoming year!


We are ready en masse to move out of the old worn out tales.

Have you carried some hurts for way too long inside and you are ready to free up inside?

Together We Collectively Claim a New Story for Women Because It’s Our Time

We are learning to embrace our vulnerability with our might as a way to powerfully show up with our love.

What you can expect on this weekend:

Reserved for us a beautiful retreat center on acres of land with a hot tub

Community building with an amazing group of women

Strategy sessions to identify what is next with accountability

Transformative healing work

Celebration of what is both behind us and before us

Valuable experience that uplifts and inspires far into our futures

Leadership development with skill building

A strong and safe yet deep container for women’s transformation

Leaving with a better internal story than when you arrive

Delicious vegetarian/ vegan meals with extraordinary side conversations

Are you called to be with us?

Lodging and Meals are included.

Our intention is to co-create MOMENTUM as we bring in 2016 together.

What is ONE STORY that you are ready to live out differently so that when you do everything else starts to shift?

Almost all of us have moved from one home to another in our lifetime.

How often have we consciously taken a move in our psyche from one well worn identity home to another? This retreat is an inner move.

Do you ever feel nostalgia come in the form of longing to be the person you were born to be? What if it is you that you want to go home to? Nostalgia’s root in the Greek language means “pain for home”. Inside of us, sometimes we feel that there is somewhere we want to be that we have not arrived to yet or an intense desire to return.

Do you ever feel stuck or want to shift faster out of old behaviors?

In order to bring in the new we will also have an ending ritual. More than our intentions during this time of year, we also require accountability, support, vision and witnessing that is necessary to anchor our resolutions into grounded practice for our lives.

A rut is created in our lives by a cycle that repeats itself in a pattern or even our daily habits. It is often an outworn idea that keeps you locked in to the same results.

In order to move, we need to shift the actual storyline.

This is what we are going to be doing at this retreat.

When you are more and more your truest self, you shed old ideas of who you have been or how others have seen you. For many, our identities were formed from wounds that had nothing to do with us to begin with. It is possible that out of love, loyalty, confusion, lack of solid self-esteem or not having the support you might have needed, you still are carrying an old blueprint.

Moving Ourselves into a New Story to Live From Retreat means

We are Ready to Stand for Ourselves and Quit the Lies that Keep Us Down

Are you ready to update your idea of what it means to be you?

What would it mean for you to be supported, seen, and recognized for your unique self with a tribe of women who are doing the same?

Imagine This Time as a Diving In, Letting Go and Rising Up Moment

This is a time to purposefully shift the old paradigms into new ones both personally and collectively.

We are coming together to actually take an inner move.

Instead of moving away from, you are homeward bound.

A home where you love yourself, take care of you, are met with support, bring forward your visions and live life out from a certainty of your own place in our world where your unique blueprint matters.

What might be here for you?

What you are coming here for might be different for each of you. Even if you don’t know what it is yet, you know by the feeling of being called to this moment that there is something and this container is here for you. Here are some things that you might reclaim here.

Your Bold Self



Visioning Your Future

Connecting with Extraordinary Women who Honor Your Leadership

Moving forward with Confidence in Your Work

Laying Down Old Pain and Forgiving Your Self and Others

Forming New Habits with Skill Building

Strategizing with Wise Women

More Abundance and Prosperity on Multiple Levels

Accountability in the Presence of a Community of Strong Women

Passionate Expression without Shame

Coming out of Hiding and Owning Your Voice

Welcoming Our Intensity with Those Who Stand for You and Not Against You

Renewed Trust

Taking Your Next Brave and Courageous Step

Shedding the Old Lies for New Life………..

You have been carrying a story for far too long and this is your ritual rites of passage to let it go. By doing so, a profound shift in your life occurs.

Here are some of my beliefs when I do any kind of work with women.

See if they resonate with you.

  • You don’t need to get “rid” of anything in you.
  • You don’t need to change to be a better person. This is rather an opening for your most authentic self to lead.
  • You are not broken even though you have experienced heartache, trauma or loss.
  • You are perfectly imperfect.
  • You don’t need another workshop or program to fulfill you.
  • You don’t need to fill up with more information or seek something or someone outside of your self to “fix” anything.


  • You are ready to embody your larger self and are seeking solidarity.
  • You are recognizing that there is more of you than you might have expressed so far in your life. A new part of you is beckoning.
  • You are working your threads of multi-generational and ancestral healing
  • There are areas in your life such as your spirituality, creativity, adventure, leadership, sexuality, business, relationship, and connection with what you most love that are calling not only your attention but for your homecoming.
  • You are ready to shed some old stories to have new versions where your heart can be lighter.
  • You know even if you are scared there is a value in showing up to yourself.

This is a rare opportunity to work with me as someone who has nearly thirty years of experience. The last solo weekend I facilitated for women in New England was in 2014. Most of the time, one would need to come through my year-long programs in order to have time together. I am inspired to create a live event for women to do some work together. My vision is to create a deep and strong container for us to experience sisterhood with women who are committed to going deep and taking her next courageous steps in life. We are all coming through that door on equal ground where our strengths and our vulnerabilities are a given, where respect and honor is the ground we are walking.

Together, we are doing the work of changing our stories and at the core this means taking fuller responsibility for our power and the ways we choose to use own it. Like many women around the world we sense a deep need for generational and ancestral healing work so that we can actually create a new story for humanity by living into the power of our love.

You are welcome to arrive at 6pm to get settled. Our opening circle begins at 7pm.

The weekend will close at 4pm on Sunday. If you are flying in, Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT is one hour and thirty minutes away from the site. Boston is approximately two hours away. Amtrak has a train stop in Greenfield, Massachusetts, ten miles from the site.

A few skilled staff women who are also graduates of Priestess Path are present to support the work, the women and the space so that we can lean into our retreat together.

The cost of the retreat including food and dorm lodging is $495 and a private group follow up conference call with ALisa three weeks post our gathering. Payment plans are available as well. If you need more time to make your payment plan in a different format please email We have space for thirty women to attend. The registration page is here.


Angel’s Rest Leyden, Massachusetts

The retreat held in a beautiful setting includes lodging and vegetarian meals. We begin our program at 7pm on Friday evening and end on Sunday at 4pm.

Make 2016 your homecoming year.