Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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This is the best present a woman could give to herself. A gift, a dream, a subterranean plunge into your subconscious worlds that you didn’t even know existed. To give this to yourself is to honor your self fully. If you are craving serious women time, juicy, sacred, honest, deep and supportive circle, this is it. There were times walking through Priestess Path where I absolutely didn’t feel as if this were real. I could only have dreamed something more magical. She takes your dreams and hers and brings them to life. You get to feel that you can do anything. My friends have noticed such a shift in me and that is always one of the best ways to tell how something is affecting you and ultimately the world. I am more grounded, confidant, more comfortable with women, with holding and creating holy space, with honoring my process and myself. You will push through what you thought you were capable of and you will be so grateful that you did. It’s the real deal. ALisa gives of herself in such an incredibly generous and tireless way. It would be hard to find someone that cares more for your growth than her (ok, your mother but that’s different). I have witnessed her absolutely give everything and more of herself to women. It’s totally fun. I couldn’t imagine my life now not having gone through this experience.

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