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ALisa Starkweather is a remarkable facilitator . She has a gift for not only awakening people’s minds, but also to awaken people’s hearts with her unique methods for personal change and empowerment, particularly when it come to working with women. Albert Einstein once said, “Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information.”  ALisa is an inspired speaker, but her strongest suit is her ability to give people an experience that can change their lives.  I recommend her to you with full confidence.

Sylvia Brallier

Author, Dancing in the Eye of Transformation, Ten Keys to Creative Consciousness

ALisa is one of the most powerful, skillful and inspirational teachers I know. She is dedicated to empowering and encouraging women and to making the world a better place through honoring feminine power. I love her and everything she does, offers and is! If you get the chance to learn from her, grab it – you will be so glad that you did.

Sheri Winston

Author of the award-winning Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice

ALisa Starkweather is as much of an ambulatory transformational event as she is a talented, engaging facilitator. Experiential transformation is clearly both her forte AND her bliss!  Over a decade — during which she’s graced my life as mentor, priestess, facilitator, student, and Friend — she has consistently delivered irresistible opportunities for growth and self-empowerment to the women who encounter her work.  Demographics and size of the attending group do not seem to affect transformational intensity that experiencing her work brings.  What DOES seem to matter is the authenticity of each attendee’s willingness to even consider expansion and/or exploration of their feminine power.  It’s exciting that ALisa is bringing her unique style of experiential events to more and more spirituality and womanhood movers and shakers…  Through those leaders, ALisa’s seeds of self-empowerment are guaranteed to bear inspiring and transformative fruit for an ever-widening circle of women worldwide.

Julie Woods

ALisa is one of the most transformational leaders, and facilitator I know. Her capacity to facilitate workshops of 100’s of women is astonishing. She creates community within a circle of women. ALisa models a safe-sacred container for women of multicultural diversity. She teaches and believes in global healing for men and woman for a better universe. This global insight helps her to sustain the

preservation of our future for our children around the world. I am proud to call ALisa my teacher and friend.

Ann Sousa

Shamanic Practitioner

ALisa’s work is something to experience cellularly.  Her energy frees the Feminine Spirit and Collective Soul of those around her.  Her work is so much more than words could express, it is an experience she delivers to those whose hearts and souls are open to receive.  Her drumming, chanting, piercing eyes and the love you will experience in her presence will transform your experience of yourself and deepen your own desire to be fully Woman and make a difference in the world.

Sally Bartolameolli

Author of Relationships from Addiction to Authenticity

ALisa is an amazing empowerer of women. She is able to show women how to pull aside the veil to their own inner potential and highest purpose. She does not do it for you. She gives it no name you do not choose for yourself. But when you attend an event with  ALisa you know you are loved, valued and worthy of your most noble dreams.


How does one describe the work that ALisa offers? She speaks the truth of the collective stories of WOMAN, in the moment, bone-deep, right now, what needs to be said and she does it with clear love. Her style is improvisational: she meets each group with what it needs as if the Goddess Herself is speaking into her ears. Her heart is open, her sight is clear and her integrity is palpable. I have witnessed women move from fear and shame into empowerment in a moments time when experiencing ALisa’s work. She is a beautifully humble, enormously gifted human who changes those who experience her offerings, forever.

Valerianna Claff

CAN I GET A WITNESS? ALisa Starkweather is a treasure to women, and therefore, to men. She understands deeply that in order for women to authentically learn their truths and to step into their power they must experience it for themselves. She does not merely talk at a group. She reads the energy and needs of a group and creates

an experience where the most difficult, painful, intense parts of women can surface and be revealed. Never does she dodge these challenging parts of the women she mentors. She goes right to the core of what is troublesome, oppressive or painful, and in her eyes, her voice, her presence, midwife each woman through it. She uses storytelling to enhance these experiential teachings and she always brings women back to themselves and celebrates them in their wholeness. She is a part of every group—never separate–and her power is her very presence, her gift is herself. Women who have been seen by her know love. She has a way of honoring women that is authentic, wise and caring. As a teacher and facilitator, I learn from her every time I watch her teach. ALisa holds women on so many levels and her years of experience inform her with the vision and knowledge of a wise woman. I would recommend her experiential workshops to anyone seeking to grow,

expand and explore. The world is a better place because of her work. I am so blessed to know her and to have her as a mentor.

Amy Jo Goddard

ALisa Starkweather is an extraordinary individual and one of the most courageously and authentically human beings I have ever encountered. Her integrity shines through in all she does, and she shares her own growth process with the world in ways that consistently model what real empowerment looks like. She emboldens others around her to honestly face what is within them – shadow and light alike – and to take responsibility for their lives. Her conscious presence and focused intention create sacred space in which others are compassionately supported while being gently, consistently encouraged to risk and grow. ALisa has a gift for getting to the heart of a matter and facilitating rapid healing and evolution. She uses a variety of techniques to do so, creating transformational experiences of resonant beauty that help others discover their true nature and connection with Source. ALisa lives in service to Spirit and community, and the contributions she makes to any gathering emerge out of deep prayer and powerful intuition. Any women’s gathering would benefit tremendously from her presence and participation. ALisa walks her talk, and catalyses those around her. I would highly encourage both event facilitators and attendees to take advantage of any opportunity to work with ALisa Starkweather. Doing so will change your life.

Dana Mari Neal

ALisa is a breath of fresh air. She does not talk at you but with you and initiates a fire within your soul. ALisa embodies the feminine and is able to cross all religious and cultural lines.

Crystal Arthur