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Daughters of the Earth

Daughters of the Earth Community Announcement
2018- DOE is in hiatus for now. Many women have high hope for it’s return in 2019. 

Below is information from 2016. In 2017 we shared, In the Roots We are Together Event.


It is time for the women to gather on the land for council, celebration and pure fortitude for the times we live in. There are many beloved teachers, artists, drummers and ceremonialists joining us. Primarily the gathering takes place on the earth, and oh how her beauty awaits to lovingly enfold us! This is not billed as a festival but rather a gathering of women in their leadership holding a vision that we are part of the answer in our world. We use this time to dive deep, to replenish, to connect, to council, to be with the elders and young women, to create a diverse container of women leaders who are greater from the support we give to each other. Join us in 2016.

When the women gather it is life sustaining


Our world is quickly changing and we are entering a period that let us call, “the Great Unknown”. With all of the challenges and changes at hand it is vital that we stay connected and find our courage and love. This is an unprecedented moment in our human history women have a role to play in ways we might not have imagined as the power of the sacred feminine in all of life rises to rebalance a way of being that is not working for any of us. And the Sacred Feminine is indeed coming up this year in so many ways. Can you feel it?

At Daughters of the Earth we invite women to own their leadership, vision and gifts in service to our world. We invite your voice in council to be among us. Come sisters. The door is open.

At DOE we have workshops and open times for us to meet in our temples for council and interaction. We are drumming, laughing, sharing wisdom, dancing, being in ceremony and uplifted. Over thirty teachers and guides attend who inspire, assist and share their wisdom and bright spirits. Your wisdom is welcome here too because we find many powerful women and teachers and healers are attracted to this gathering. We find amazing company here among us all.

We invite you to sit in circle on our Mother Earth together in council. We will also be offer experiences and ceremonies that will aid us in owning our own leadership that is needed in our own communities.

Some of us are hungry to come together in a deep and intentional way and there is room here for women to do nothing but lay in the fields and watch the dragonflies because in this sacred ground we honor our diverse desires. I learned this quote from Kathe Schaaf, the past president of Gather the Women from Matthew Arnold, a British poet (1822-1888). And she says, “This is that time. And we are those women.”

“If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together, purely and simply for the benefit of humanity, it will be a power such as the world has never known.”

We come to take our place on the earth, co-creating, co-conspiring, releasing our pre-conceived expectations to find ourselves alive and awake to what the sacred moment brings us.

Connection to the Earth and Our Body

Enter the Temple of Healing and Dance: Bellydancing, honoring our bodies, herbwalks, being among the organic gardens, yoga, ceremony, art, massage and bodywork. Cultural change-making, sustainability, connecting with the beauty of the Mother and ourselves, remembering our ancestors and all of our relations

Connection to the Air and Our Breath

doe3-150x113Enter the Sky Temple of Inhaling Inspiration: Transformational Breathwork, chanting, Vision Council, spiritual sustenance, abundance skills, money talk around women and finances, dreamwork, sounding, creativity and reveling in wonder


Connection to the Fire and Our Spirit

Enter the Phoenix Temple of Passion and Pleasure: Firecircle, drumming, dancing, singing at night, storytelling, sharing tales, being with our sacred sensuality, re-committing to our dreams, boundary setting, sunrise ceremonies, prayer, gratitude sharing, nourishing wildwomen natures

Connection to the Water and Our Moontime, Womb Journeys and Tears

Enter the Women’s Red Tent: Swimming, moontime blessings, rites of passages, honoring our belly and womb stories, grieving rituals, nourished in the Red Tent together, resting, journaling, a place to be, a space to heal. Being with the fullness of the moon. Cultivating yin.


Connection to our Diverse Sisterhood and Our Need to Know that it is Possible to Heal the Deep Cultural Divisions that have separated and hurt us:

ALisaSite-fs-3-150x150Enter the Rainbow Turtle’s Women’s Temple:

Daring new paradigms together by diving into the unspoken, honesty and deep listening, Shadow Work, council, offering up of our heart stories, healing the Sacred Hoop, courageously facing racism, classism, homophobia as fractures that we the women of the earth are bravely seeking to repair and actively shift, remembrance of our ancestors, teachers, and children, naively asking for trust to form new buds in the hearts of our sisters who the dominant culture has hurt, forgiveness, radical shifts.ALiwebpix.watermark-fs-53-150x150



The drummers, the dancers, the singers, the healers, the priestesses, the dreamers, the weavers, the mystical and wise ones. We call the young ones, the mothers, the seekers, the elders, the women who know that their power, their visions and essence are needed in all forms of expression for the balance of life now. This women’s gathering is a deep exploration of our visions, voice, magic, intentions, and our place here on the planet sharing stories and inspiration that will help guide and sustain us during these times. Facilitated in a spontaneous yet organized “be-in-the-moment way” to meet our many soul hungers, we will share a rich array of our gifts collectively.

We share in common our need to rest, eat, dance, talk, council, heal, and be in ceremony together.

We share the need to be on the earth, outside, rooted and connected to the sacred land.

We hunger for dreams, insights, validation, deep meaningful interactions, dialogues, and inspiration to live our lives ever more powerfully in service to life. In this place collaboration among women thrives.

In the safety of one another’s company we shed our old skin anew and share in the natural transformation that comes from being together.

We need and hunger for safe places to cry, laugh, scream, be seen and touch our own wild and ecstatic natures (your birthright).

Under the moon we howl and build a community of women, called to this vision to meet face to face as daughters of this beautiful Mother Earth.

Other places to gather in ceremony on the land are the Stone People’s Lodge, the Firecircle and the Medicine Circle. We also designate the Maiden’s Grove and the Crone’s Hut. Also on the land is a 4000 year old ceremonial site from a matriarchal tribe. Earthlands is off the grid and is an ecological community.

A Sacred Place for Young Women to be Heard, Mentored and Loveddoe7
Young teen women are welcome to attend and in fact have brought into our councils so much wisdom and fierceness. Our time together specifically supports young women. They are assisted by older young women mentors and classes unique for them. We interweave and also welcome them to all that is available. Cost for young women will be $155 ages 11 – 20. See registration prices for adults elsewhere.

The shadow sides of our lives when we do not meet our hungers:
Not being connected to the earth, our body and our joy.
Not breathing, and feeling afraid, sad or stuck in despair.
Not accepting our passion or rage as a tool for action and boundary setting.
Not honoring our moontime, our wombs and our grief.
Not honoring our passages of life. Feeling very hungry for something difficult to name.

Not following our intuitions and dreams.

Sisters, whethALisaSite-fs-49er you come or not, please take precious care of your deep soul needs. You are worth it.

Women Rise Up, in our power and our truth.

Women Rise Up, in our love for the earth.

Women Rise Up, honor life, death and rebirth.

Women Rise Up, for all we’re worth.

We’re a force to be reckoned with.

~ Chant written by ALisa Starkweather

Facilitated and envisioned by ALisa Starkweather, founder of the women’s mystery school, Priestess Path Apprenticeship, the Women’s Belly and Womb Conferences, co-founder of Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within. ALisa is a certified Shadow Work and Transformational Breathwork facilitator who travels internationally as a women’s empowerment trainer, teacher and ceremonialist. She brings over thirty-two years of experience in community building drawing from the wildwoman archetype. Her CD’s of original chants are Daughter of the Earth, Calling Us Home and Women Rise Up. This year she is joined by over 40 extraordinary teachers and a beautiful network of the DOE sisterhood team as well as women that ALisa has worked with for many years. We are a phenomenal and vital healthy community of women!

“With ALisa, magic definitely happens.” ~ Jane Glesne