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Daughters of the Earth Teacher Bios

ALiwebpix.watermark-fs-21ALisa Starkweather

ALisa Starkweather believes that women who are remembering and fostering their deepest spiritual gifts right now in service to the greater good are making an enormous difference in the world simply by shifting and rebalancing energies. As the visionary and founder of Daughters of the Earth she wishes that all women who feel connected or long to feel connected to the earth and one another show up and value this sacred container. She is the founder of a women’s mystery school, Priestess Path Apprenticeship, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, Red Tent Temple Movement and co-founder of Women in Power. She has three CD’s, Women Rise Up, Daughter of the Earth and Calling Us Home. ALisa is a certified Shadow work facilitator and women’s empowerment trainer for 31 years. Every day of her life is devoted to the upliftment of women.

kifubiopicheadshot Kifu Faruq

Kifu believes that systemic change begins first with personal transformation. She comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a medicine woman, coach, and facilitator of anti-oppression work, at the intersections of race, class, and gender, within communities and institutions. Kifu combines her work as a Community Herbalist and anti-oppression systems expert to reconnect people to the old ways, allowing them to tap into the generative power of community care, and accountability. Kifu’s scientific heart was cultivated at NC State University where she received a BS in Biochemistry. She continues her lifelong apprenticeship as a 3rd generation herbalist, with her mother and the western Appalachian herbalist community.

cherese Cherese Matthews

Cherese Mathews. I love weaving in the web of life with Movement/Dance, Ritual, Reiki/Energy, Breath and Creative Processes! My Spirit is deeply rooted in the earth and it is from that deep well that I draw. I am a mentor, healer and spiritual guide in Northeast Connecticut. I am passionate about bringing community together to honor sacred space, celebrate life, kinship and our connection to the Earth in circles, around fires, with song, tears and hugs. Some of my training includes Transformational Breath facilitator and Reiki Master/Teacher, and I have a private practice holding the healing process; Artist, Art Educator, Kripalu YogaDance facilitator, TranceDance facilitator, Lodgekeeper  and Justice of the Peace. Contact me for private sessions or group work at or 860-942-3799 . “Stay awake…and be real…that’s it, right?

Marie1Marie Nazon

Marie Claude is an initiate of Vodou,a Priestess in the Celtic tradition and a graduate of Priestess Path. She is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience in the field.  A former Fulbright Scholar and Returned Peace Corp Volunteer, Marie Claude is passionate about travel, cross cultural understanding, exchange and bridging the cultural gap between communities, and the transformation that can take place when communities come together. She has led student groups and taught international service learning classes in Africa, Caribbean and Central America. She is currently on the counseling faculty at The City College of New York. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Welfare from the CUNY Graduate Center.  She is the co-founder of Revivers of Indigenous Spirituality and Ecosystems (RISE), an international group of shamans and healers around the globe. The purpose of RISE is to support fellow indigenous and pagan spiritual leaders in reviving and empowering earth-based wisdom traditions to survive  to serve future generations.


FullSizeRender Leila Zainab

Leila Zainab is a South Asian-American, queer feminist activist, visionary,  consultant, and performer. She is currently in a masters program studying gender and cultural studies at Simmons College. She is passionate about creating a world where we center the voices, and the lived experiences  of the most marginalized in society. Leila combines her analytical social justice lens with her compassionate heart when co-creating space, and supporting others in their healing journey.  She also performs for the Survivor Theatre Project in their traveling performance troupe. She co-wrote and performs in their most recent production of The Survivor Circus: Journey Through The Fog. She brings her deep love for her ancestors, her honoring of the ancient, anti-colonial ways, and the wonder of magic to everything she invests in! Leila can be reached at



Ali_WWS_29Ali Schueler

Ali is a writer and women’s empowerment enthusiast, supporting women in “unleashing and embracing their wild feminine nature”. Her mission is passionately providing women with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression as well as a connection to our bodies and their natural cycles. She enjoys writing and video blogging weekly through her website and sharing inspiration with her online community daily through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




Kristin WilsonKristin's bio pic

Kristin is committed to working with with organizations, groups, and individuals seeking a greater wholistic sense of well-being by implementing anti-oppression and intersectional frameworks.  She brings healing and compassion into her work on dismantling the White Supremacy Structure to develop a sense of wholeness within oneself, in community, and on the Earth.  Kristin has worked within the non-profit, private, and government sectors specializing in women’s empowerment, therapy, domestic violence, child protective services, anti-racism, spirit-centered work, GLBTQ initiatives, youth work, leadership development, and wholistic healing.


20150801_155941Kristin Brockett

Kristin Brockett is a licensed Massage Therapist,  she has an Associate Polarity Therapist & Energy Balancing Specialist degree, has a Reiki Master Teacher certification in the Usui traditional lineage. She studied for 9 months at Baba Siri Chand Ashram and is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She was in an herbal apprenticeship for one year and currently continues her studies at the California School of Ayurveda where she studies the ancient healing tradition and medicine of India. She is a 2 year Priestess Path graduate and studied with Jonathan Goldman in Sound Healing. Other trainings received along her path in life have been in traditional healing modalities, meditation, tantra, psychic development, conscious communication, hospice.

Kristin is on the board of a Non-Profit organization called Sacred Earth Network that supports the work of connecting people to nature and to bring indigenous elders, teachers from around the world to different places to share their wisdom. For the last 18 years she has studied healing modalities, worked with clients in a private practice, and taught different aspects of healing the mind, body, & soul as well as subjects of spiritual development and consciousness, and facilitates Red Tent Temples for women. She is the founder of Unity Healing Temple  and has taught the Oracle School a school dedicated to learning the Sacred Oracular Arts of inner sight, inner knowing, sign reading, empathic feeling, sounding, intuition, energetic frequencies, creativity & manifestation. She also teaches The Path of the Wild Heart Apprenticeships which is an apprenticeship on Rewilding remembering to live in harmony with her natural rhythms and innate wisdom. ,  remembering to live in harmony with her natural rhythms and innate wisdom personal and cultural transformation remembering to live in harmony with her natural rhythms and innate wisdom. mysticism, and to cultivate the sensuous and foster a deep soulful relationship to life and the animate natural world.  Kristin is very passionate about living life, personal and cultural transformation, and helping others to remember to live in harmony with their natural rhythms and innate wisdom.

Diane with Cookie Monster Rev. Diane Johnson, PhD, Oakland California

The Reverend Doctor Diane J. Johnson, also known as Dr. Di or Cayenne by her fire family, has worked in the field of community building, collaboration and social change for as long as she can remember – from being a hall monitor in elementary school junior high all the way to engaging in community service and social sector transformation work at a national level. She was just ordained within the progressive Christian denomination of the United Church of Christ and continued to be enthusiastically multi-spiritual. Rev. Dr. Johnson is President and Founder of Mmapeu Management Consulting, a national practice focused on organizational change, leadership development, spirituality and change, and program design. Clients include Oxfam America, Habitat for Humanity International, Impact Hub Oakland (the #1 Co-Working Space in the country), The National Forest Service, Planned Parenthood and the Kresge Foundation. Diane has worked with more than 8,000 groups and individuals in her career; presents at numerous national conferences including Wisdom 2.0, SpiritFire, National Training Institute for NeighborWorks America and Ecumenical Advocacy Days. A long-time friend and colleague of ALisa’s, she is delighted to be in community with Daughters of the Earth.

 SandraSandra Boston

The first thing to know about this incredible woman is that she showed up in ALisa Starkweather’s life in her twenties and mentored her. Sandra Boston has taught communication skills and conflict resolution for over 30 years to a wide variety of groups including parents, church societies, social change activists, Ugandan women in village banks, school faculty, staff of social work centers, day care centers, health clinics, retreat centers, coop boards, etc. She has studied Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training, Gandhian nonviolence strategies, Marshal Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, Arnold Mindell’s Process Work, Family Systems Theory, Twelve Step Programs, Margaret Paul’s Inner Bonding Therapy, and many others. Sandra also founded The Pilgrim Warrior Training for Women and The Women’s Leadership Institute. She maintains a psychotherapy practice and does organizational development consulting, board and staff retreats, and mediation for organizations. She has done extensive training internationally, including Canada, Switzerland, Uganda and Russia . She has published a song tape and songbook of 54 songs and chants for women’s ritual. She is the author of a self-published book, Aiming Your Mind: Strategies and Skills for Conscious Communication. Sandra is the mother of three grown sons and lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA.

Mother Turtle calvin cropMother Turtle

Marsia Shuron Harris aka Mother Turtle, is a facilitator, photographer, singer, songwriter and musician who has been performing her original compositions for over 25 years. Her voice is distinctive, and her music heartfelt, rooted in personal growth, love, social consciousness, and a greater vision for the world as a whole. She is the author of the popular chant “Rise Up,” featured in the Red Tent Movie: “Things We Don’t Talk About” Produced by ALisa Starkweather and Isadora Liedenfrost. In 2009 she designed and began facilitating “Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle,” where she helps women and men uncover and discard the unhealthy “stories” that they are carrying. Marsia is funny, grounded, compassionate, intuitive and gifted with the ability to get you out of your head and into your heart. Using her voice as a tool for healing, she can lift you to great heights through her song, as well as take you to those deep places within that are seeking illumination. “It is my goal to address the inner unrest that binds us, and offer a means by which to free ourselves.” Mother Turtle More info at:

katja belmont showKatja Esser

Katja Esser creates a container of a particular energy frequency that allows people to awaken and express their ancient sacred connection to the infinite universe. As a multi-disciplinary artist, ritualist, teacher, performer, and healer, who inspires through self-expression, she assists people that are ready to come into a participatory relationship with themselves, the living Earth, and the unseen world around them and want to live a sacred eco-centered, magical, and connected life.

Katja runs annual seasonal rituals since 1992 of which Summer Solstice at America’s Stonehenge is most well-known. Her singing and her extraordinary elaborate masks and costumes bring forth beings from another world. Katja has facilitated drumming circles, workshops in sound, continuum-based movement, ritual, and maskmaking. She studied with Emily Conrad, Malidoma Somé, ALisa Starkweather, Eric Bornstein, Martin Prechtel, Saruah Benson, and Tim Kelley and various healing modalities to facilitate a shift in consciousness. She performs with the Theater Behind The Mask in schools through Young Audiences and has appeared at First Night Boston for a number of years. She created a performance around ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ with Ricardo Frota in which she appears in a full tree costume that took her a year and half to make. Katja has created an apprenticeship program called ‘Courting the Living World’, nurturing a sacred intimate connection with planet, spirit and self through creativity and ritual. She facilitates grief rituals, sacred sound circles and ancestral rituals. Katja’s focus is now on video production combining her music, poetry, and images of water, of which her first production can be viewed on YouTube and her website. She currently focuses on sacred geometry gardening and nutrient dense food feeling strongly that by growing nutrient dense food we can make a tremendous impact towards coming into right relationship with all the elements that make up life. Katja has an extensive website and at which her work can be viewed.


 Tish Linstrom Bio PicTish Linstrom

Tish has served women as a mentor, facilitator, holistic psychologist and spiritual teacher for over 20 years. Through the years, she’s had the irreplaceable privilege of catching women’s stories to get to the heart of what truly feeds and fuels the feminine.

Tish weaves her work from extensive training and experience in women’s empowerment and leadership, nature based mentoring and Earth Medicine, ritual and depth psychology. She’s known for her unique ability to fuse contemporary needs with timeless teachings–providing women with a deeply transformative, soul nourishing and empowering experience.

Her work supports women in the journey to embrace, embody and celebrate their whole woman wisdom and power—to create and see their big dreams and Visions fully through. You can find more at

laney-bio-photoLaney Goodman

LANEY GOODMAN, visionary drummer, elementalist, ceremonialist and vocalist… leads ceremonial drum & chant circles called “Drumming in the Four Directions” or “Sacred Drum & Chant with the Mother Drum”.  She created these circles at the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch’s Women’s Lodge in 1986 and has been all over the East Coast and beyond carrying her Medicine ever since to all walks of life.

Laney has studied with the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch of the Seneca Wolf clan. She has also studied with African-American drum masters Edwina Lee Tyler and Ubaka Hill, as well as the late Baba Olatunji.  She has worked with ALisa Starkweather’s Daughters of the Earth and the Belly and Womb Conference.

Laney produced and performed in Shawna Carol’s Goddess Chant at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England.  And has led sacred sites tours to Avalon in the UK and Serpent Mound, Ohio. She also, co-creates ceremonial gatherings like Goddess Love, Wisdom Fire, Deeper Roots and The Dance for All Beings.She is currently the host of an internationally syndicated public radio show, “Women in Music”, which is heard on 100 + markets each week. Laney is part Cherokee of the Eastern door in the Great Smoky Mountains. She is also of German, English and Scot/Irish ancestry.You can contact Laney at: For more information on Laney’s work- please visit:

D13734F0-5DD3-4018-BC87-85F9DC16B345Sayra Pinto

Sayra Pinto is a collaboration and organizational development, leadership, and social change consultant with 20 years’ experience facilitating community, organizational and individual change processes. She is passionate about building transformative, authentic processes with leaders, organizations and communities.  She holds a Ph.D. from the Union Institute & University, an MFA from Goddard College, and a B.A. from Middlebury College.


Trish Casimira

Trish focuses her work on healing and advancing the soul by blending hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, and Native wisdom. She was trained by Dr. Michael Newton to facilitate Life Between Lives regression, which is a major focus of her work. She is a gifted visionary and devoted to teaching the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel. Her vision is to wake up Medicine Wheels all over the world, get them spinning, create new ones, and help people of all beliefs remember their sacred circles. She is a also an intuitive reader of Voyager Tarot, channels Spirit Guide Wisdom, and has been with Daughters of the Earth since it’s birth. She facilitates group and private sessions, and contributing author and assistant editor of Michael Newton’s newest book “Memories of the Afterlife” . To view her work visit:



Vanessa Tricoche

Education/Social Emotional Trainer Vanessa Tricoche is a community educator, artist and expert in social and emotional learning, conflict resolution, intergroup relations, diversity and crisis intervention who has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over a decade. Ms. Tricoche has developed and delivered workshops to educational institutions from kindergarten to graduate school level as well as with major non-profit agencies across the country. She has created curricula and is the author of two books for NYC at-risk youth that motivate them to make a difference for themselves and their community. She is also a community healing circle facilitator and ritualist, a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and a certified holistic health counselor.

Yellow Springs Ohio RTYellow Springs Red Tent :  Marybeth Wolf, Amy Rebekah Chavez, Nicole Rosaria-Manieri, Khara Scott-Bey, Alice Dixson and Jade Wolf

In 2007 at the Women’s Herbal Conference, ALisa Starkweather invited women to create Red Tents in their communities, Marybeth landed on her home soils and called, “Red Tent women where are you?!”. Within that same day, she ran into Laurie, Amy, and Nicole. The four of them met that next new moon, and have been meeting each new moon since. With their commitment to hold the container each month, the YS Red Tent community has grown and nurtured women through all life transitions: maidenings, births, cronings, deaths, rebirths. The practice of coming together in rhythm with the moon, of planting seeds of intention, of being witnessed with loving acceptance, and acknowledging life transitions has seeped beyond one evening a month. This sacred space and practice cultivated together consistently overtime is an entraining force for creating new culture.

 amy headsotAmy Rebekah Chavez

My entire adult life I have been a devoted student of traditional medicine ways, birth, and motherhood. At the age of 21, I initiated into adulthood through the portal of giving birth to my daughter. While my friends were studying art, politics, dance and science, I was enrolled in classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, prenatal yoga, vaccinations, nutritional and herbal support for pregnancy, birth and nursing babies. I was so uplifted, changed, and inspired by my birth journey experience that I enrolled in the Seattle Midwifery School’s doula training with the renowned doula researcher and author Penny Simkin, as well as a low residency herbal medicine course with David Hoffman through the California School of Herbal Medicine. In 2001, I was prompted to return my focus to education in the healing arts, gaining skills and a license through the Ohio State Medical Board in massage therapy in 2003. I expanded upon that license to include certifications in perinatal massage, newborn massage instruction, pediatric and adult craniosacral therapy, herbal education, lactation support, childbirth education, prenatal yoga instruction, and Somatic Trauma Resolution. In 2014 I completed a master’s degree in health arts and sciences through Goddard College, where I had the opportunity to synthesize the interdisciplinary fields of somatic psychology, holistic bodywork, herbal medicine, and yoga/ mindfulness practice into work I call ReStoryative Somatics Mind Body Medicine, offering individual healing sessions, group practices, classes, and professional trainings. I also work in the Dayton area as a professional labor support doula, offering unique holistic prenatal, birth, and postpartum care with a focus on emotional resiliency, trauma healing and prevention, and a supportive transition into motherhood.

484867_10200204719733438_463917872_n[1]Khara Scott-Bey

Khara Scott-Bey EXA LMF,T is an artist, activist, therapist, and healer whose work is rooted in community based healing practices, embodied leadership, and transformative play. She is a practitioner of Generative Somatics and the Be Present Empowerment Model. Currently Khara works at Antioch College in yellow springs, Ohio as a counselor and holistic healer as well as independently as a budding priestess .   More info on her and her projects can be found at,, and



pizzica-4Nicole Rosaria-Manieri

Nicole is a Healing and Expressive Artist dedicated to cultural transformation. She is passionate about creating community-based containers where rotten personal and collective paradigms can be composted, and more empowering ones reseeded and watered.

And she writes songs about it.

Daily, she is a container for herself to recover from her cultural inheritance of fear-based misuse of power – as a mother, wife, white person, and industrial consumer of the earth. Weekly, monthly, bi-annually, she seeds the new possibilities for the future generations by facilitating classes, and healing and ceremonial space for/with her community.  She aspires to continue building local cultural traditions from the inside out, rooted in what is inspired/revealed through our authentic connection to our habitat and all our non-human neighbors, to one another, and to the Great Mystery.

This includes: Spring Peepers: Kids’ Music and Mindfulness that explores the teachings of various plants and critters of their local habitat; Women’s Healing Drum and Song – Reclaiming circle, song and drum as a healing force for self and community, belonging to everyone! Singing Nettle Herbcrafting Series – building relationship and facility in working with our local herbal allies. Sol Rising: Transformative Arts Troupe – a group of women dedicated to personal and collective transformation that co-facilitates seasonal ceremonies for our community, and offers “prayerformances” in other venues. She offers a one-woman prayerformance of story and song, Into the Dark Forest, mapping her personal journey of healing….that continues. She co-founded and co-holds the local Red Tent, going on 10 years now. She participates in a local Witnessing Whiteness peer support group to shine a light on her internalized racism and implicit bias. She unschools her beautifully wild son. Lives in a yurt, pees outside.

And writes songs about it.

10295820_10208154862849958_285762784951554056_nMarybeth Wolf

Marybeth lives in the sacred feminine, embodied wisdom, ways of healing and sacred sisterhood. She heeds the call of the Red Tent Temple movement by serving as a Guardian of her local RTT of 8 years, and holding space with her sisters at NEWHC and SEWWC and DOE. Awakening womb and belly and heart is her passion as an Arvigo practitioner and assistant home birth midwife. She is a community herbalist, authentic movement facilitator, and holistic bodyworker of 27 years including heart centered therapy and craniosacral therapy. She believes that healing and transformation comes from the daily practices of fierce compassion and connection with self, sisters, community, earth and unseen blessed ones.  She is newly and imperfectly called to leadership, learning and finding ways to engage in dismantling  internalized and externalized white supremacy one conversation at a time, one book discussion group at a time with white folks within sacred sisterhood and wider community.

12957575_190989691286616_1001127336347267677_oJade Wolf

Jade Wolf was raised in the Red Tent community in Yellow Springs, OH with her mother Marybeth Wolf, and her soul-aunties Amy, Nicole, and Laurie. Being with women is her life. She dreams of carrying on the understanding of community, empowerment work, and healing to young women who may not have that privilege in their life. She completed both years of Priestess Path with ALisa Starkweather in 2012-2013.




Kate Siner

Kate Siner

Working with Kate is the opportunity to rid yourself of limiting patterns, thoughts, and habits. You will tap into her diverse knowledge, skills, modalities, and mentoring genius. With a PhD in Psychology and rich personal story, Kate is the perfect one-two-punch that has facilitated transformational work for thousands of people around the world. She has dedicated her life to her own passion, which is helping people find, develop, and own their personal fulfillment and outward success. She can help you connect to your true self and show you how to take powerful action in your own life.

Dr. Kate Siner has been on NBC, ABC, Fox, and other major network affiliates speaking on fulfillment and success. Kate is the author of Real Answers and wrote a chapter in Jack Canfield’s best-selling book Soul of Success. She’s been featured and quoted in numerous journals, magazines, including Self and Huffington Post as well as other online resources.  She hosts her own radio show “Real Answers” each week. She’s a winner of the “2015 Women Entrepreneur to Watch Award” from the Rhode Island Small Business Journal and the Stevie Award for Mentor/Coach of the year. She has spoken on WPRO, MIX Talk of the Town, Consciousness Network, and TalkStream Radio. A certified Core Energetics Therapist, an Expressive Arts Therapist, and Mental Health Counselor, she is also trained in coaching, women’s empowerment, hypnosis, leadership, bodywork, and transpersonal and humanistic methods. Dr. Kate is committed to lifelong growth and development and has recently training at the Barbara Brennan School. She currently runs a small non-profit, Larger Visions, dedicated to using emotional intelligence to help overcome gender-based violence.

Amy Jo Goddard with fireAmy Jo Goddard

as a Sexual Empowerment expert and thought leader,  has guided thousands of people towards the wholeness and fulfillment they want, sexually and in other aspects of their lives. She earned her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from New York University and has over 20 years of experience in the sexuality field. As a renowned speaker and teacher, Amy Jo travels to colleges, communities, and conferences teaching classes and offering keynotes that help people to connect the dots around sexuality and money, expand their creativity, grow their confidence and learn to be bigger in their relationships, in business, and in the world. Amy Jo teaches her unique 9-month Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program, maintains a private coaching practice, and hosts events and VIP days with private clients in Napa Valley and New York City. She co-authored the highly successful book Lesbian Sex Secrets For Men, recently released in second edition, and her second book Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence was published by Penguin Random House on September 29th, 2015. www.amyjogoddard.comNote: Amy Jo Goddard is facilitating a full day workshop on Sunday. This is open to women in the general public even if they are not coming to the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference.

10515193_10152361364753546_2310876824719649745_o - Version 2Amy Dawn Verebay

Amy Dawn Verebay is a native New Yorker, teacher and ritual artist. She has been performing her whole life in various capacities: child model, competitive gymnast, contemporary dancer, circus performer, stage actress (musical and non), hula-hooper, fire dancer, and singer. Amy has created several multi-disciplinary evening-length performances while living in Montreal, QC (The Witch’s Ball, The Point’s to B (Montreal Fringe), Bastival) and in NYC (Once in Love with Amy).  Among her credits, she appeared in Meredith Monk’s opera mercy at BAM, and spent several seasons performing with Circus Amok and the Brooklyn-based acrobatic dance company, LAVA. Currently she sings, dances, and flips about in her own multidisciplinary work in NYC and beyond. For nearly 2 decades as a priestess and ritual artist, Amy has helped to create sacred space to empower people. She initiated the Brooklyn Moon Circle, a women’s monthly event which ran for 10 years, and regularly officiates commitment ceremonies and weddings.  A healer at heart, she teaches breathwork to individuals and groups throughout the northeast, as well as hatha, restorative, and CircusYoga, an intergenerational play practice.


0514161328a (1)Artemis Luna Muse

Artemis Luna Muse is passionate about transformation through the Sacred. She is a Healer and Storyteller coming from the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. Through her work, she brings individuals into connection with their Health and higher purpose by repatterning energetic systems, and teaching tools and strategies to navigate obstacles. As an intuitive she guides people through the Mystery so that they can be in right relationship with themselves and the spirit realm.

Artemis’s skill in the spirit realm developed through a 9+ year healing journey with a debilitating neurological illness. She studied Massage Therapy at Stillpoint Massage School in Greenfield, Ma. She is a graduate of Priestess Path with ALisa Starkweather. She is Reiki Master Teacher, and Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner. Currently, she is a student of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, with the Sacred Yew Institute facilitated by Michael Dunning.



Karin Green

Karin is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and Coach. She was introduced to Shadow Work® in 2008 during her apprenticeship in Priestess Path with ALisa Starkweather, a Shadow Work® Facilitator and world-renowned women’s empowerment mentor, and began her Shadow Work® training in 2010. Karin is also a transformational life coach trained by Dr. Kate Siner, a transpersonal psychologist, coach, author and speaker. Karin enjoys being a conduit for her clients in their transformation to a joyful and fulfilling life.

Karin’s own personal work and healing through Landmark Education, Priestess Path, Women in Power, Woman Within, and Shadow Work® have culminated in her taking the leap from science — where she has published and worked as a laboratory manager and scientist at a large university for the last 13 years — into assisting others in their process towards greater joy and satisfaction in life though Shadow Work® processes and coaching.

BeckyBecky Schupbach

Becky is a certified Shadow Work facilitator and Executive Director of Women In Power ( She is also a facilitator for Woman Within weekends. She is a practicing trial attorney, who serves as an advocate on issues of environmental and social justice and the prevention of domestic violence. She is mother/stepmother to three strong and beautiful young adults and she is also an artist working in fiber and glass. Becky facilitates inner growth workshops for men and women with her husband Jeff and weekends for women in partnership with an amazing group of strong and loving women leaders. Becky and Jeff are realizing their dream of creating Earthspirit Farm, a space for sanctuary and healing in service to the Earth, following principles of permaculture and sustainable agriculture. Contact Becky at


venus2Venus Zephyr

Venus Zephyr is an Artist, Activist, Spoken Word Poet & Word Priestess a.k.a Tha VHerbalist, Wise Woman Herbalist, Herbal Re-Sourceress, Plant Spirit Practitioner, Radical Doula, Mother of Sela Jade, & a dedicated participant in cultural evolutionary activism. Venus uses art in many guises as a tool for personal and collective transformation, social change, alternative education and radical healing. Venus offers a catalyst to both educate and expose cultural injustices using art, plant magick, poetry & purpose to fuel the fire for our future generations. Venus is available for poetic performances, soulutionaries spoken word cyphers, creating installations art at the intersections of social justice, live art installations, group herbal discussions,  private herbal consultations, and co-created alternative educational experiencesContact Venus: or

alisawtAlisa Wright Tanny

Alisa is the Co-Founder and Director of The Embodiment Institute.  Her presence provides the space and safety for inquiry and exploration, transformation and CORE integration, and the reclaiming of joyful embodied trust and empowerment with over 30 years of somatic movement experience.  She has created multiple embodiment programs and teacher trainings:  BodyDance™ ChakraFlow – a Womens’ Embodiment Immersion/200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training, BodyDance™ BalanceCORE Spinal Therapeutics,  Bodydance™ Girls’ Circles, ages 6-16.  Alisa’s private practice as an Embodiment Coach is in Western MA.


Gogo-Ateyo-NKanyeziGogo Ateyo N’Kanyezi

Gogo Ateyo N’Kanyezi alternatively known by many as Nefermul Mas is a student-teacher of  Traditional African Healing Systems & Metaphysical Sciences since 2005. A natural born empathic healer, ordained interfaith minister, Live Your Wildest Dreams Coach, Ubuntu Birth Worker – Holistic Doula, and Kemetic (Egyptian) Reiki Master Teacher. The Founder and Visionary of both Awakening Woman Travel Tribe and  Ancestral Awakening where she offers various healing modalities and services such as: intuitive business coaching for spiritual based businesses, self-development mentorship, ancestral divination readings, and womb healing to name a few.

Most recently Gogo Ateyo completed ithwasa initiation in Vosloorus, South Africa to fulfill graduation requirements for the high honor of joining the ancient Sangoma priesthood; honoring the calling of her ancestors and South African Bantu lineage of traditional healers. Under the guidance of her ancestors Ateyo moved to the Caribbean Coast of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica to bring Awakening Woman Travel Tribe International retreats a reality.


13115731_828378367306622_1681103381_nKatrina Coravos

Katrina Coravos is a mother, priestess, entrepreneur, spiritual activist, sacred staff holder, chocolatier, and visionary.   She is co-founder of Circle of Women International, a non-profit dedicated to weaving sacred ceremonies in community.  Currently, she is involved with Sisterhood of the Staffs, a group of women that are carrying forth the teachings of the feminine form of leadership coming into power.  For her day job, Katrina owns Liberty Chocolates, the first national chocolate company to sweeten entirely with honey.



hatImani Mamalution

Imani Mamalution is a conductor of extraordinary experiences for people to transform their lives while reuniting the tribe. She is a visionary “mamapreneur” – single mama of 5 daughters, born at home and raised with”instincts intact”, who are the motivation behind her success. A life long entrepreneur, she ran an all organic cafe called Alchemy, where she educated the community and homeschooled her children for a decade. She shares her passion for real food through her Sexy Superfood Demos, Workshops & Catering. She considers herself “spiritual midwife” assisting in birthing the new paradigm so that together we can shift our collective wealth consciousness and embrace 5th dimensional prosperity laws. Imani has a natural ability to network and promote the talents and expertise of others while maximizing social media strategies to nurture authentic relationships and grow sustainable business partnerships. Imani  is currently assisting in the development of a global online educational platform, including revolutionary technologies such as crypto currency and crowdfunding, that serves as the vehicle for her to achieve her life long dream: activating millions of people towards global consciousness.


6c250x349-1Jess Marino

Jess Marino creates earth-spirit workshops and ceremonies, calling forth wisdom from the well of our beings, cycles and seasons.  For the past 10 years she has been dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls in particular and to the sacred feminine in community:  coming together with women for ceremony and healing, holding Red Tent Temples, moon maiden and mother blessings, earth-spirit circles, and the women’s sweat lodge as a personal practice.  A Priestess Path sister, this will be her sixth year at DOE, where her focus has been in support of our young women and girls.  She has also spent years in service at Where Womyn Gather, in roles such as sacred fire tender and with the maidens’ program.  She has a background in psychology/childhood studies and has worked with many youth in need of open-hearted support.  As a reiki teacher and sacred space holder on this path for 20 years, Jess brings guidance in a mindful and heart-centered way, to open to sacred silence & space within, to connect to and express our truths, and to walk gently on the earth in ever unfolding awareness, weaving the dream.  Her creative and healing arts studio, Space 2033, is in Philadelphia.


CHA_4761 Jodi Lasseter

Jodi is a popular education trainer, ritualist and cultural transformation catalyst.  She has over 20 years of experience working closely with community groups to build grassroots power throughout the U.S and abroad. Jodi is the Founder of the NC Climate Justice Summit—a multiracial, intergenerational movement-building platform. She has worked nationally with the Engage Network and Spirit in Action, and internationally with the Amazon Alliance. As a life-long eco-feminist, Jodi has created many avenues to support women and girls in spiritual activism. She is a recent graduate of Priestess Path and is a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects.  She received her BA in women’s studies and anthropology from UNC-Chapel Hill; as a Social Change Fellow, she received her Master’s degree in Community, Environment and International Development from Clark University. Jodi is a proud native of Asheville, NC. She enjoys nothing more than song swaps and frame drumming by the fireside.

KristinAKristen Arant

KRISTEN ARANT a.k.a. “the Drumlady” is a percussionist, musician, performer, arranger, teacher and organizer living and working in the Washington, DC region. Originally a classically-trained oboe player with a degree in music, she began her drumming career upon moving to Washington DC in 2000, when she helped initiate the activist drumming ensemble Rhythm Workers Union. Enthralled by the healing and unifying power of the Djembe drum, Kristen began to study West African drumming in 2002. She spent time with masters such as Baile McKnight, Mamady Keita and Tammi Hessen. In 2005 she started a DC non-profit organization, the Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project, which gives rise to young women’s creative self expression through drumming, poetry, movement, song and performance. In 2010, Kristen traveled to Ghana, West Africa via her now husband Michael Kweku Owusu, founder of Drumming Up From Poverty, a Ghana-based NGO that helps street kids find meaningful work through drumming and drum-building. Kristen & Kweku operate a store and community space in Washington, DC called Hands on Drums, which celebrates the work of Ghana craft makers while delivering hands on drumming experiences to uplift communities. Kristen also leads an intergenerational, all-women’s West African drumming performance troupe called the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective, and teaches a class for adult students at Roda Studio in Takoma Park, MD. Kristen has facilitated hundreds of musical experiences over the past 15 years through her energetic, spontaneous style that combines deep learning with deep “letting go,” connecting with the authentic self and transforming negative emotions into joy and exuberance through drumming and song. More on Kristen:

LucyJune2015Lucy Pearce is coming from Ireland/ Newsflash!

Lucy H. Pearce lives to create, connect and inspire. She is a multiple Amazon bestselling author, publisher, vibrant artist, teacher and mother of three.

Her five life-changing non-fiction books for women are:

  • Her most recent, Burning Woman – an incendiary exploration of women and power – written for every woman who burns with passion, has been burned with shame, and in another time or place would be burned at the stake.BurningWomanWeb
  • The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood was a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the UK and US. It features the voices of over 50 creative mothers including: Jennifer Louden, Pam England and Leonie Dawson and has been credited with saving lives and starting creative businesses.
  • Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle, is the #1 best-selling book in its field on Amazon, and has been acclaimed by women around the world as “life-changing”.
  • Her girl’s version Reaching for the Moon is a soulful guide to the menstrual cycle for girls aged 9-14.
  • Moods of Motherhood is a journey through the diverse emotional weather of motherhood that speaks the unspeakable straight to the heart.

She has contributed to a number of book anthologies from: Tiny Buddha; BlogHer; Wild Sister and La Leche League. Her art has featured in magazines, diaries and calendars.The former contributing editor at JUNO magazine, Lucy is the founder of Womancraft Publishing, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.She blogs on creativity and paradigm shifting at Dreaming Her articles have appeared in newspapers, websites and magazines around the world. And she is much in demand as a speaker on radio and telesummits. Join the Womancraft Book Club to receive free samples of their new books before anyone else!

portrait 7Toni C.Truesdale,


“History and mythology need to

Include the unrestricted stories of all women.

The female perspective should be reflected in aesthetics, values, spirituality and morality.

I develop imagery that shows the natural beauty and intelligence

In aspects of the multicultural life of

Sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers all;

And celebrate our commonality through time.”

 I am an artist/illustrator/muralist with my own distinct visual style. While this has been developed from the tradition of European realists, my art especially celebrates women and our natural environment. My visual solutions represent the diversity as well as the commonalities of world civilizations. I have studied extensively the aesthetics of many cultures, especially through the material art history; in textiles, paintings, murals and sculptures. I have a wonderful collection of African pieces and textile art.

Currently, I am working on a series of paintings called “Everyday Life”, the subject depicts what humanity has in common every day, throughout time. Women’s historical perspective has also been worked into a series of works called ”Daily Bread; the Culture of Women”. All of these large scale works reflect the quality of research and time spent in reflection before the design and completion each original piece. This creates an authentic visualization of the themes that people appear to identify with.

In addition, I am illustrating a series of children’s books, posters and activities for New Mexico Department of Health that promote healthy behaviors through animal characters that model. This includes wordless books and books for Early Readers.songline

My history of art and illustration began early, I first exhibited when 14, drew professional portraits at 15 and apprenticed as an illustrator in Detroit advertising world when 20. I have often specialized in line drawings but work in full color more often currently. I have over 500 large works and thousands of art prints, drawing in both wet and dry media. Many are reproduced in cards, posters and prints. I have been nationally and internationally published. I have exhibited widely with over 40 exhibits, mostly solo. I often do international artist residencies.

As a teacher I have worked with many diverse communities as well as public and private schools for over 30 years. I have conducted many mural projects with multicultural crews of youth, I have written many educational programs, conducted symposia and exhibits that have been publically and private funded.

Contact me for the written narratives that accompany each artwork. Estimates are available for commissions, illustrations, murals and special projects.

c250b1_bfa538d064904bb7be4a498925f76227Crystal Dawn Silas

Crystal Dawn Silas, MD is board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Holistic Medicine, has 10 years’ experience in Emergency Medicine and is preparing to sit for her Functional Medicine Certification. Doctor Silas has joyfully completed Advanced Herbal Apprenticeships with Rosemary Gladstar, California School of Herbal Studies and with Shatoiya De La Tour. She was co-founder of the first community service sliding-fee integrative health clinic in California.




Chenoa Maui wand tree  Chenoa Malulani Charpentier

Chenoa Malulani Charpentier has always grown up in the presence of powerful women, communities and the sacred feminine. As ALisa’s cherished only daughter she is her mother’s inspiration for all the work of women’s empowerment. She is an avid festival goer with a love of music and how it opens peoples hearts. She is known as the Festival Faerie bringing magic wherever she goes. She has worked with learning about the plants since the age of two. She makes and sells her own brand of herbal infused body products and crocheted accessories. Chenoa is also a photographer, community builder, event planner, demo specialist and ALisa’s personal assistant. Chenoa’s role at DOE this year is being the fulcrum point person of organizing the DOE sister team and dealing with the logistics and materials for DOE.