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Category Archives: Praise For ALisa

My experience of ALisa Starkweather during the last twelve years of my life is nothing short of miraculous.  I have witnessed and experienced her as a channel of Divine energy, moving large groups of women into deeper acceptance of themselves and even into their fullest potential.  ALisa works in a very spontaneous and intuitional way.  The shifts and learnings that occur with her are deeply experiential.  From her transformational breathwork workshops to the archetypal art that she literally brings to life she weaves something completely unique and other-worldly.  She breathes hope and a new beginning into the essence of the women she works with. She paints and sculpts with her words and her inspiring songs and drumming the visions of her dreams. I am honored to be her sister.

Oceana LeBlanc

ALisa Starkweather is a treasured gift to all the women that experience her. She brings courage and strength to women in these difficult global times with her unique style and approach to women’s empowerment activities.  Every time I have had the pleasure of participating in one of her workshop offerings or community celebrations, her spoken word, song, and the energy that she contributes has engaged the audience and motivated women in a way that makes the heart hum with inspiration!

Cami Granara

ALisa Starkweather has been a true inspiration in my life. I have gained so much focus and clarity in my life’s purpose having spent two years as part of a priestess apprenticeship that she facilitated. Her message is pure, her delivery is true to the heart and she connects with each and every person that she encounters.  I have seen a group of over hundred women chant together, cry together and then rebuild together. ALisa loves her work and it shows in everything that she does. From leading groups to facilitating weekends or hosting Red Tent gatherings or speaking at large Women’s Gatherings, she is an inspiration to everyone that she encounters.  She has connected with literally thousands of people over the years and made a difference in the lives of many. Her work encompasses teaching, coaching, empowering individuals and groups and sharing the message of the sacred feminine. Lisa Rosenthal

ALisa Starkweather is truly magic, deeply wild, and contagiously empowered. She has offered me personally , as well as countless women and men i know, profound renewal of faith and spiritual transformtion. She has the ability to stir the hidden, undeveloped, wounded and long neglected parts of our souls into positive action. When ALisa has the opportunity to lead people in ritual or interactive workshops there can be no doubt that The Great Goddess Herself has charged her   with the vital, timely work of awakening human beings to the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. This is joyful news for there is much mending, peacemaking and beauty to create. Most importantly, the Earth relies on people to know her sacred nature and all people rely on Mother Earth. I am deeply grateful ALisa has chosen to commit herself so completely and successfully to her life’s purpose.

Allison Wonderland

When ALisa Starkweather stands up in front of a group of women, magic happens before she even opens her mouth. Through words, song, movement – as well as the sheer force of her love and passion – I have witnessed ALisa move women to know and connect with themselves, with each other, and with Spirit in ways never thought imaginable. Words cannot adequately describe the EXPERIENCE that ALisa creates – it inspires authentic emotion, deeper understandings, inner transformations, and concrete movement towards action that can help heal the world.

Joanna Lindenbaum

ALisa is a powerful facilitator who leads us deep into the belly of the beast…and safely out again. She sees what often goes unseen. She touches what often goes untouched. Her gifts show themselves best when she is in the moment, drawing from the depths of the earth…responding, shifting with what is alive in each and every moment. She is a woman on a mission, to see the world whole.

ALisa Starkweather shines when leading in an experiential workshop setting. With the use of challenging but non-threatening narrative direction, she helps each attendee find, face, and honor many aspects of themselves – including the easy & obvious, and difficult & painful. Her guidance helps you realize your inherent strength and power and leaves you with tools to continue the growth process begun. She has an exceptional understanding of group dynamics and her methods are effective in both intimate and large group settings. She is compassionate and attentive to the deep emotional processes that her work inspires. I have been honored to work with her one-on-one, in women-only, and in mixed gender groups of varying sizes and ages. I look forward to doing so again and highly recommend this gifted woman to anyone doing work of Spirit, empowerment and healing.

Anne Banks

ALisa reaches across all boundaries and travels through space and time to create an opportunity for women to connect with their roots and their power. She is a shaman of women… the more women, the more diverse, the more powerful the affect she has with her magic of weaving the unbreakable web of women and

raising the web to it’s highest potential.  Dreams become reality with ALisa Starkweather, and the Truth is unveiled.

Kristin Wilson

ALisa has helped me to discover the stories I have been carrying and living out in my life have not been my own. She holds a space with me, believes in me, companions me as I discover who I really am and how I am meant to create and live out my story in the world in such a way that extends the circle of healing, light and love to others on the earth. I’ve honestly never met anyone like ALisa- her heart, insight, incredible wisdom and vision are beyond words. But I do know that the impact of her willlingness to step forward in her work with women like me is transforming and this truly saved my life.