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Category Archives: Praise For ALisa

ALisa is an extraordinarily gifted woman. Her way of working with groups touches places in the heart of those present that opens them to new ways of being. She sees and evokes the gold that lies deeply buried in each human being.  She embodies feminine leadership.

Nicola Kurk

Shadow Work trainer, UK

ALisa is able to magically merge with what shows up to create a container and allow “SHE” to come through her in a way that is like paints, revealing and facilitating in the color that is needed in the moment.  The beauty of being in a group with ALisa is that she leads us where we unconsciously already want to go.  She stirs us in our bones and we find ourselves inside of our own hearts, beating with the Mother.  If love is the seed, then ALisa’s unbridled passion and creativity inspires the spark to find our way home again.

Regina NC

ALisa Starkweather’s influence rests in her ability to plug directly into that divine feminine energy and carry women home to themselves on its current. To live with empowerment, women must confront both the lightness and the darkness within, that which is beautiful and that which is ugly. She must stand in integrity and weave relationships that hold the contradiction. ALisa is a master of creating the sacred space that allows for shifts in women’s conception of who they are and the breaking down of limitations and the building up of new structures. Her style is direct and gentle, sincere and wholehearted. ALisa’s work strikes a deep and resonant chord with women yearning for strength and connection. She challenges you to know and feel what is true. She transforms lives.

Jennifer Lennon

ALisa Starkweather is woman, priestess, magic maker.  The work she brings to women will quite literally alter their lives.  Using a variety of healing modalities she transforms personal exploratory work into spiritually sacred transformation and healing.  It differs from other types of empowerment work in that it speaks to the psyche from a very ancient place and transforms our very center, our core as women.  While the journey ALisa takes us feels unfamiliar, she reminds us that it is not.  It is simply a reminder of the ancient paths we have walked many times before. Our cells know it, our DNA knows it. When we remember this, we will have come home.

Kate Newburger NYC

ALisa Starkweather is a wondrous teacher who has a highly developed capacity to hold in her presence the largest scope of human emotion, i.e. the deepest sorrow, the most formidable anger, and the purest joy with copious amounts of compassion, love and patience. She is a healer who resembles a medicine woman, or a shaman. She works at her best and highest power when she is guiding group activities, either focusing on the well-being of one person in particular, or on the well-being of the entire group. She is an endless resource of tools and techniques to help individuals move through their strongest blocks, deepest fears, or stifling emotions.

Nadine Sures

Montreal Canada

ALisa is the embodiment of a fierce, direct, and loving feminine woman.  I have seen her communicate and work deeply with those who most needed it, who were the most vulnerable, who were the hardest to reach, giving them a rich and unique opportunity to heal.  Never does she lose her connection with the divine feminine.  She shows women a path that I have seen them hunger and need to follow.  Her gifts provide women with a powerful and wonderful encounter both personal and communal.  Her commitment to healing and joining the communities of women is, I believe, sacred work among us.


ALisa is a powerful, charismatic leader of women’s empowerment and healing work.  She uses rich poetic language, often combined with song and drumming, to captivate and inspire.  She has the power to hold the unwavering attention of a large group and the intensity of focus and attention to connect heart-to-heart with individual women.  She challenges old assumptions about women’s power and place in the world with her dynamic, experiential work.  ALisa is not the kind of speaker whom you would find on a panel discussion or behind a lectern or in conversation with other speakers.  Hers is the gift of awakening women from complacency, fear and self-doubt.  To hear her is to be moved and transformed.

Becky Schupbach


I spent two years preparing myself for ALisa’s powerful work. I knew she was the teacher I had been waiting for from the moment I met her.  It only took a moment to see that she has a very important and special personal magic that women are waiting to experience, whether they know it or not.

I have witnessed major transformations in many women. I have watched as the wounded psyche and limited beliefs of the feminine melt away within the realm of ALisa’s profound words and work.

Her intent for women’s self-worth and empowerment is a gift that seeps into one’s consciousness like the slow rhythmic shaking of a rattle and stays forever more, as I write this, this is what I hear and see in my mind’s eye.

She is one of the most inspiring people you will ever encounter and her work in supporting the t feminine spirit is truly her divine calling.

Elizabeth Stahl

ALisa Starkweather’s empowerment work with women combines her magical, instinctual, intuitive compassion for the fears and stories we each hold inside with her deep knowing that we are so much more than those fears and stories. Through her special weave of teaching and healing ritual, a weave that draws upon a rich world heritage of ancient myths and cultures, she guides her students on compassionate, clear-sighted journeys to themselves.

Joie Watson

ALisa Starkweather is a leader of Women’s Empowerment. Over the last 13 years, I have had the honor of being part of many women’s gatherings in which ALisa is the leader, facilitator and creatrix. And, what I have experienced and what I also have witnessed is that in her containers, there is transformation, empowerment & magic. ALisa inspires women’s hearts and souls. Her style is organic, flowing, passionate, compassionate, and transformational. ALisa has the gift of unifying women. Time and time again, I witnessed and experienced a group of very diversified women come together as one with ALisa as the facilitator. It is part of the magic….women remember who they are and why they are here. Thank you ALisa for I am one of the many you inspired and because of it, I remember, I am ready and I am in my power.

Chrissy McFarren