Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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This year has been the most amazing year of my entire life due to Priestess Path. I am fully present, empowered with a sense of my own worth as a very real, inner knowingness. I am forever held up by a circle of women who have bathed my wounded spirit in the tears of their love for each other. This is REAL. It is not a course, not a singular experience, not job training. Priestess Path is the path of the initiate who has been waiting to come into her power again. If you are drawn to it, have a desire, are afraid but so curious that continue to wonder, then know that this IS your path, and that you have come HOME. ALisa is a magnificent being who has dedicated her life to magic, to healing, to empowering women, and the sweet mix of her mastery, love, and patience have forever changed my life. I have never before witnessed anyone so patient, so devoted to women’s healing. I have seen women who have been so wounded, so diminished, that it hurt to look. When the walking wounded show up, ALisa stands her ground, regardless of the mess, the pain, the weakness, the rage, the stench. To watch her work is to commune with the Goddess. She not only gets her hands dirty, but puts her heart right out on the front line every single time. ALisa is a force to be reckoned with who will love you right out of your pain, dare you be exactly who you are, and stand in the fire with you if that is what it takes.

Priestess Path is the most important place I have been in my life thus far. It is home to my spirit. It is freedom with wings for all women who want to step into their power, into their love, into their joy, wonder and magic. This is a place to be held, honored as the woman you are. I have been held by my precious sisters, been challenged, come up against myself, my demons, and I have thrived, and blossomed and learned to love myself. These weekends have accumulated one on top of the next as the greatest experiences of my life. Each gathering is a gathering of greater beauty, breadth, magic, wholeness, and expansion. I love my life and Priestess Path is a big reason why. I thank myself for saying YES.

ALisa, you amaze me over and over again, high priestess, magic maker, wild womyn, keeper of the mysteries. On the first night with ALisa we were asked to state our intent for the apprenticeship. Wracked by nerves, I stood up in a circle of women, none of which I knew and asked to “stand in my wisdom, my strength as a daughter of the goddess.” I really had no clue what the apprenticeship would be like, had never been part of a womyn’s circle and never met ALisa before that first night, but something in my belly told me that the apprenticeship would hold this intent for me. Little did I know then what the apprenticeship would come to mean for me… These last 9 months have been an amazing process of remembering myself, remembering my past self and finding the courage to be who I truly want to be in the world- a womyn of amazing power, wisdom, clarity and love.

I have traveled around the world looking for teachers, sat in great councils, and experienced many things. This opportunity has been without question the most TRANSFORMATIONAL personal work I have yet experienced. Our journey has been the epicenter of my growth this year. I feel resurrected. I came to the Path wounded, in physical pain, and depression. The safety you provided, and the witnessing of my sisters helped me remember that….. I am the Priestess, the Goddess, I am welcomed into this world and that I am of great value. I learned through the container that you provided a way to look at myself from many sides. You provided a way like no other an opportunity to learn about myself, my sisters and all women. You helped save my life ALisa. Your courage and determination has given me great strength. I have been a Priestess for many lifetimes, feeling her presence, and knowing her ways. But not until now have I REMEMBERED her, felt her inside and mirrored on the outside, in the beauty and transformation of all the women. A great change has occurred within me. I believe all women should have this Sacred Opportunity, to know themselves and experience The Great Mysteries hidden from them for so long. Women, the Goddess is arising within us, we can join hands and move the world into that empty space long ago created by our absence. The power to recreate is within each of us. ALisa has shown us the way. I have seen miracles occurring here for all the women. The miracle of LOVE and FAITH……… As a teacher, minister, and therapist, I am forever grateful for this blessing, and I will carry the knowledge to all women.

This is the best present a woman could give to herself. A gift, a dream, a subterranean plunge into your subconscious worlds that you didn’t even know existed. To give this to yourself is to honor your self fully. If you are craving serious women time, juicy, sacred, honest, deep and supportive circle, this is it. There were times walking through Priestess Path where I absolutely didn’t feel as if this were real. I could only have dreamed something more magical. She takes your dreams and hers and brings them to life. You get to feel that you can do anything. My friends have noticed such a shift in me and that is always one of the best ways to tell how something is affecting you and ultimately the world. I am more grounded, confidant, more comfortable with women, with holding and creating holy space, with honoring my process and myself. You will push through what you thought you were capable of and you will be so grateful that you did. It’s the real deal. ALisa gives of herself in such an incredibly generous and tireless way. It would be hard to find someone that cares more for your growth than her (ok, your mother but that’s different). I have witnessed her absolutely give everything and more of herself to women. It’s totally fun. I couldn’t imagine my life now not having gone through this experience.

Priestess Path has been a jumping into deep abyss for me. I have experienced myself at the height of my power as a woman and come face to face with my darkest shadows and learned to forgive and accept and embrace them with all my heart. I am now filled with a greater sense of mystery and wonder. I walk confidently through my daily life. I am deeply touched and moved by ALisa’s amazing abilities to lead women into the discovery of their deepest truths and highest selves. I am eternally grateful for this experience and encourage all women seeking to move into their power to step onto this path. You will be shaken, lifted, empowered and graced. Your life will never be the same again.

For me PP has been a transformation of my deepest core self. ALisa allowed me the space for all that I needed to heal. The gifts and wisdom that she so selflessly has given to me are what kept me breathing. The magic, the mystery, the courage and love were all pieces that I had been searching for my entire life. In nine amazing months ALisa touched and graced all those aspects and more. Scared, scarred and alone I came to her. Courageous, beautiful and Priestess woman is how I leave her.

Priestess Path is a journey for me into my own wisdom, through my own resistances and limitations, to my own destiny as a powerful woman who can serve the world. ALisa is more than an amazing guide on the path. She lays down her full talents, her life-force, and heart to BE our path. If you are called, listen. It will undoubtedly be the greatest gift that you have ever given yourself and this world.

I am transformed in this true circle of sisters. An old knowing has reawakened inside of me. My magic and power have returned from hiding. I remember my true self. I feel trust and deep faith that eluded me for years. ALisa is a gem and a prayer for a teacher of woman’s knowing of woman’s ways. I begin again my life, fresh, clear and forever changed.

Sisters! This work has answered what I could sense but not see. In a desperate attempt for answers I found questions and mystery. So strong the mystery consumed me. Through each weekend and re-entry, layers lifted, places within vibrated, were illuminated and became light. With this web of women as harness, I sank into depths of fear both hidden and known. I kept looking for the Goddess and found her, eternally living in the mirror. The same cleverness about my pain is now applied to my power. The energy spun and raised in this apprenticeship is weaving together light and dark, striking balance and creating a harmonious song of life, death and rebirth.