Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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This year has been the most amazing year of my entire life due to Priestess Path. I am fully present, empowered with a sense of my own worth as a very real, inner knowingness. I am forever held up by a circle of women who have bathed my wounded spirit in the tears of their love for each other. This is REAL. It is not a course, not a singular experience, not job training. Priestess Path is the path of the initiate who has been waiting to come into her power again. If you are drawn to it, have a desire, are afraid but so curious that continue to wonder, then know that this IS your path, and that you have come HOME. ALisa is a magnificent being who has dedicated her life to magic, to healing, to empowering women, and the sweet mix of her mastery, love, and patience have forever changed my life. I have never before witnessed anyone so patient, so devoted to women’s healing. I have seen women who have been so wounded, so diminished, that it hurt to look. When the walking wounded show up, ALisa stands her ground, regardless of the mess, the pain, the weakness, the rage, the stench. To watch her work is to commune with the Goddess. She not only gets her hands dirty, but puts her heart right out on the front line every single time. ALisa is a force to be reckoned with who will love you right out of your pain, dare you be exactly who you are, and stand in the fire with you if that is what it takes.

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