Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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ALisa is an exquisite role model and guide for a person to learn how to craft a life infused with beauty, love and spirit. She is a consummate cheerleader in supporting women to access their core selves and commit to living a life fully by manifesting their true potential. For most of us this requires much courage to break out of the encrusted patterns that have held us captive to perceiving ourselves an our lives in a limited way. I am reminded of Nelson Mandela inaugural speech, when he spoke about our deepest fear was not about our inadequacy, but rather our power, how playing small did not serve the world, and reminding us we were born to manifest the glory of God within. To enter the priestess apprenticeship is to enter something extraordinary. For me, it was a descent into the depth of my soul where the wholeness of spirit resides, it was a dance with my shadow, a reclaiming of what had been denied, embracing both light and dark aspects of myself. I felt encouraged, supported and empowered to put to death that which must die in order to support life and manifest the gifts I carry within. Yet all this occurred within a container of profound love and grace. I have never felt as much nurturing affection in my life as I did living in community with my priestess sisters. Each woman reflected the exquisite beauty of the divine feminine so completely that it was impossible for me to not also feel and stand fully in my own unique beauty. An incredible and rare gift. ALisa is able to spin a container so rich and whole, safe and trustworthy that it is capable of holding the brightness of our true selves, so instead of squinting and shying away, you are enticed into standing tall and dancing with all the glory spirit can bestow.

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