Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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ALisa Starkweather is as much of an ambulatory transformational event as she is a talented, engaging facilitator. Experiential transformation is clearly both her forte AND her bliss!  Over a decade — during which she’s graced my life as mentor, priestess, facilitator, student, and Friend — she has consistently delivered irresistible opportunities for growth and self-empowerment to the women who encounter her work.  Demographics and size of the attending group do not seem to affect transformational intensity that experiencing her work brings.  What DOES seem to matter is the authenticity of each attendee’s willingness to even consider expansion and/or exploration of their feminine power.  It’s exciting that ALisa is bringing her unique style of experiential events to more and more spirituality and womanhood movers and shakers…  Through those leaders, ALisa’s seeds of self-empowerment are guaranteed to bear inspiring and transformative fruit for an ever-widening circle of women worldwide.

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