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To simply say that it was the most amazing nine months of my life is both complete and nowhere near it much like the paradoxes of the space and mysteries we learn to travel in. I was drawn here with only a vague knowing that this was where I needed to be. The goddess was calling me home and told me to come beyond all my reasons and in many ways I didn’t know why. I was at a time in my life that I was waking up from not a deep sleep but a self-induced coma or pre-mature burial. The images that always filled my mind’s eye were gone and the sense that spirit was speaking to me through them and urging me to share her vision through me with the world was gone. I was called but resigned in many ways. What I found was my way back to myself… cleaner, clearer, purer, stronger than I have ever been before. My visions are back. The apprenticeship creates an environment to learn, stretch, bend, grow, dive into the mysteries of ourselves and life itself. I am in love with every one of my sisters, myself and the world as I never was before. With ALisa’s vision to empower the women, she is empowering the world. If you feel called, step up, step in. You will not recognize the you that you become and she will be the woman you have always known you were and could be.


Priestess Path has been a magical, sacred journey. It is an opportunity to get to know myself more deeply and to connect with other women on so many different levels. Through ALisa’s gifted facilitation and intuitive wisdom, I have come more fully into my power and I have had the honor of witnessing and supporting my sisters on their paths. I carry the experiences and lessons of the apprenticeship into every encounter I have in the world. I have deep gratitude and appreciation for all that this has been.


What is “priestess?” Does the power exist within me to bring to life this archetype in my world? Will there be space in the Apprenticeship for all that is me? Am I capable of summoning the conviction, strength and courage to fully commit to this journey, willingly giving myself over to the mystery of what lies ahead? Questions. So many questions. And while the answers may presently remain as elusive as the new moon in the darkness of the night sky, I lovingly urge you to trust in the concealed presence of the sun, for a new dawn is rising and the promise of rebirth beckons. Become one in our sacred circle. Connect with the totality of your being among the safety and comfort of a sisterhood rooted in consciousness. Begin to bring your life to manifest form in ways that express the energy, substance and wisdom of the Divine within. Empower yourself. Dare to dream. Answer the call. Discover the depths of your capacity to create and express love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and understanding to a world in desperate need of peace. Let hope embrace you as you surrender to the knowing that Yes, you can walk this path! You are worthy of all the magic and beauty that awaits you. I am a priestess, I am the Goddess and I am home!


Join a teacher who will facilitate your emergence of intuition, inner power, life force, and understanding of your hidden mysteries and those of ancient design. Yes, it’s scary, but we have been through it and we will support you. Be brave, look inside your heart, trust. Your can call me if you have any questions.


I cannot recommend this course enough. The Priestess Path Apprenticeship has given me a system of feminine support and empowerment unlike any other experience. My life is changed, there is no doubt, from this experience. It is changed in my deepened camaraderie with women. It is changed in my expanded perception of who I am, and what I have to offer in a group. This apprenticeship has expanded my awareness to the needs of the community, and, it’s responsibility to give back to the Earth.


Words can not describe the magic of our odyssey. I am writing this as a woman in my power, becoming even fuller with so much love in my heart for what we have witnessed/experienced and for this path. Healing and gifting deep in myself and the heart of the earth. We are re-weaving the web. We are priestesses.


Do not underestimate the hugeness of this, or your ability to make it happen.


I put this experience in the same arena with my daughter’s birth: a piece of my reclaiming myself as a woman with stature and pride and a model for others becoming traditional in the purest sense.


Here is the time. Here is the guide. Here is the life. Your life. Jump in. Be taught to heal. Be healed. Powerful, magical, transformative.


Meeting and challenging ourselves helps us stay awake and clear and able to help ourselves, our families, and communities for the challenges that are coming to the whole planet.