Permission to Be Powerful

Reasons to Claim Your Fierce Feminine Life
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CAN I GET A WITNESS? ALisa Starkweather is a treasure to women, and therefore, to men. She understands deeply that in order for women to authentically learn their truths and to step into their power they must experience it for themselves. She does not merely talk at a group. She reads the energy and needs of a group and creates

an experience where the most difficult, painful, intense parts of women can surface and be revealed. Never does she dodge these challenging parts of the women she mentors. She goes right to the core of what is troublesome, oppressive or painful, and in her eyes, her voice, her presence, midwife each woman through it. She uses storytelling to enhance these experiential teachings and she always brings women back to themselves and celebrates them in their wholeness. She is a part of every group—never separate–and her power is her very presence, her gift is herself. Women who have been seen by her know love. She has a way of honoring women that is authentic, wise and caring. As a teacher and facilitator, I learn from her every time I watch her teach. ALisa holds women on so many levels and her years of experience inform her with the vision and knowledge of a wise woman. I would recommend her experiential workshops to anyone seeking to grow,

expand and explore. The world is a better place because of her work. I am so blessed to know her and to have her as a mentor.

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