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Priestess Path Enrollment Portal for September 2017- June 2018 is now open.

Daughters of the Earth Community Announcement
 we are having a day and night this year with ALisa and others at Earthlands
“In the Roots We are Together”
August 12th -August 13th, 2017
9am Saturday through Sunday 11:30am
with overnight or day options and firecircle Saturday evening
Put This Event On Your Calendar and Stay tuned!

Priestess Path Apprenticeship

ALisa Starkweather’s nine month, eight weekend program, Priestess Path Apprenticeship is now open for enrollment and begins September 22nd, 2017.

ALisa founded Priestess Path in 1998 and hundreds of graduates deeply value this women’s spiritual leadership odyssey that traverses through archetypal realms, ceremonies, skill building with some of the most committed women you will ever meet in circles. It is original, creative inspiring and life giving. If you would like to make time to listen to the logistical recording or to speak personally to ALisa about whether this is right for you here is where to go.

Priestess Path Graduates Speak About ALisa Starkweather’s Work with Women

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